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What does an ideal interstate move look like?

Your interstate removalist is a reliable, professional operator who:

  • quotes a fair, reasonable price
  • turns up on time
  • looks after your goods properly
  • delivers on time
  • treats you (the customer) with courtesy and respect as they should.

But, how do you know which removalists are reliable? It is a huge risk to guess that your chosen removalist is a good one. The potential damage of a bad removalist can be massive. Your goods could get damaged – or lost – or stolen. This can cost you thousands of dollars.
And that’s where MoveState comes in. After 20 years of helping people arrange interstate moves, we know who the good guys are. We know which companies are reliable and trustworthy AND can save you money. And we have built a network of these interstate removalists across Australia.
So, we get you quotes from our network – and we remove the risk of you using a bad removalist.
PLUS – we are authorised to arrange moving insurance for you – to make sure your goods are covered for accidental damage.

Moving tips

Removalist Choice

We are the experts on interstate moving. We use our 20 year experience, expertise and networks to organise all parts of your interstate move.

Reliable Removalists

Never choose a removalist you don’t know. After 20 years helping people move, we know who the good interstate removalists are.

Big Interstate Moves

We specialise in larger interstate moves – 2 bedroom residences and larger. And we give you fixed prices – ensuring financial certainty.