Interstate Removals Experts – Medium to Large Moves


MoveState and Moving Interstate

Moving is the third most stressful life event – after death and divorce. And interstate moves are worse because of their size and cost. It is a huge commitment. If it’s not organised well, it can be a disaster – and cost you thousands of dollars.

Moving interstate requires you to arrange a number of important moving tasks:

  • finding and comparing interstate removal quotes
  • moving insurance
  • storage
  • boxes and pre-packing
  • car transport
  • pet transport
  • and much more

It is a big job – a big financial commitment –with big risks – and you need interstate moving experts to arrange your interstate move properly.

How Do We Help You?

At MoveState, we have 20 years’ experiencein the interstate removal industry. This gives us the expertise to organise your interstate move properly. This also means we have helped to arrange thousands of moves like yours – and made the whole process easier.

How Do We Do This?

1. We have built an exclusive network of experienced, independent and reliable interstate removalists and other suppliers over 20 years – across Australia;
2. We have strong relationships with these interstate removalists and suppliers – and this is why we can find and compare great interstate move quotes for you;
3. We will also get you a great quote on moving insurance – including cover for accidental damage.
This means that we can get you a choice of great prices from reliable, experienced interstate removalists. We can then get your interstate move booked AND protect you with proper moving insurance.
This will save you time, money and stress.
And remember – it is only through long time dealing with many interstate removalists that you know if a removalist is reliable and professional. It is too big a risk otherwise to pick a removalist that you don’t know.
So, if you value your goods and you want them transported safely and reliably, then MoveState is for you.