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Employee Relocations

MoveState specialises in helping companies relocate employees interstate. It is a great solution for a necessary but troublesome task.

Companies have three main issues with organising employee interstate relocations:

1. The hassle of organising an interstate move – finding and comparing multiple quotes from good removalists; moving insurance and more
2. The time/burden/cost on human resources staff to do all of this is significant;
3. The current costs of interstate moves for companies are very large.

So, MoveState can deliver three key advantages for companies:

1. We take over all the key moving tasks for you – including quote comparison – then we present a comprehensive quote document for your approval;
2. We ease the time and labour and cost which plagues your human resources staff; and
3. We will save you significant costs on relocating employees interstate – and still maintain high quality service, suppliers and performance.

For further information, please email us at – and we will explain in detail how MoveState can help your business manage interstate employee relocations.