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What do I need to know about Moving Insurance?

Moving interstate involves items being transported large distances in as quick a time as possible. Even the best removalists have unavoidable accidents. Not every scenario can be anticipated and avoided. So, it makes sense that you protect your goods with moving insurance. There are 2 fundamental types of moving insurance: Standard (specified events) This covers damage to your goods in…

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Tips on Boxes and Pre-Packing

Don’t Rely on Removalists to Drop Boxes Off Removalists are busy – and waiting on box drop-off can be unreliable especially if no-one is home. Our advice – go to your nearest local storage place – like Kennards or Storage King. They have everything you need: Boxes – standard (tea chests); book; wine; Port-a-Robes Bubble wrap Butchers paper Masking tape…

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What Makes a Good or Bad Removalist?

There are thousands of removalist in Australia. But only a small percentage are good enough to be selected for our network – and this is why. Good removalists have the following important features: EXPERIENCE – like any business, the longer you have been in the industry means you have learnt how to run a business that looks after your customer…

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What is the Hardest Thing about Moving Interstate?

Moving interstate is a significant life event. It involves your personal possessions being taken long distances by strangers – hopefully without loss or damage.

It is an expensive exercise. Most people are busy, time poor and stressed – and forced to make big decisions on matters you might not fully understand.

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